There are many ways to contribute to U.S. Figure Skating, including cash contributions, stock shares, savings bonds or the benefits from a life insurance policy. Explore the links below to find the gift that best suits your situation.

Cash donations can be made by check or credit card and are the simplest way to show your support. More

Securities donations provide benefits to U.S. Figure Skating and donors alike. More.

Retirement Plan Assets can help to avoid future tax burdens on your heirs when made as a donation. More.

Savings Bonds donations can be made in several ways while reducing your own tax liability. More.

Closely Held Stock, donated as a majority stakeholder in a closely held corporation, will allow you to support U.S. Figure Skating while improving your company's financial health. More.

Life Insurance can benefit and support organizations such as U.S. Figure Skating well into the future. More.

Real Estate donations can take many forms and provide significant tax benefits. More.

*As a non-profit, any donations made to U.S. Figure Skating are tax-deductible. U.S. Figure Skating does not provide tax consultation. Please refer all questions to your tax preparer.