Coaches Registration Process

Registered Coaches
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Alphabetical (PDF) | By State (PDF)

Attention: If you are under the age of 18 or a Basic Skills instructor engaged only in group lessons in a U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills program, you do not need to register at this time.

U.S. Figure Skating is a membership-based organization with more than 70 percent of its members 17 years of age or younger. In keeping with the standards of many youth sports organizations, schools and recreational programs in America today, U.S. Figure Skating has implemented a background screening process to help ensure that we are providing a safe environment and protecting the welfare of all participants in U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned activities. Parents must also have the highest degree of confidence that their children are not only receiving good care and proper instruction but are safe from improper conduct.

You must comply with this registration requirement in order to be allowed to instruct/coach the following sanctioned activities during the 2010-11 skating season:

  • All qualifying and nonqualifying competitions
  • Test sessions
  • All performances including ice shows, exhibitions, recitals and carnivals
  • Any other sanctioned club activities (includes club ice)

U.S. Figure Skating is proud to announce a working relationship with the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI), which will provide comprehensive background screening services. NCSI is one of the leaders in providing background screening to youth-serving organizations. U.S. Figure Skating has worked with NCSI to ensure that this process is convenient, secure and confidential. The process for screening is simple and generally takes about five minutes. When U.S. Figure Skating receives a "Green Light" from NCSI and has verified liability insurance (valid through 7/1/2010), the registration process will be finalized and a U.S. Figure Skating coach registration card will be issued. In addition, the coach's name will appear on the list of registered coaches.

To complete the background screening, you will need the following:

  • Social Security number (NCSI maintains a highly secure system to protect this data.)
  • Name history - past five years
  • Address history - past five years
  • U.S. Figure Skating membership number

If you have a membership number from U.S. Figure Skating, please go to the Members Only site to begin the coaches registration. NOTE: You will need your membership number and password.

If you DO NOT have a membership number OR have not had a U.S. Figure Skating membership in the last 2 years, please contact Member Services and type "COACH REGISTRATION ID" in the subject line.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do coaches need to begin registering?
July 1, with the new 2008-09 membership season. There will be a link from U.S. Figure Skating Online after June 1 for coaches to begin submitting their information. If they are a qualifying-level coach taking students to the regional championships, they must register prior to August 1 to allow enough time processing the background screen. All coaches of qualifying-level skaters will also need to be members of U.S. Figure Skating and PSA to receive a credential.

Does the registration include U.S. Figure Skating membership?
No. The registration is in addition to membership. All coaches will join U.S. Figure Skating either through home club membership or as an individual member as they have done in the past.

Do I have to do this every year?
Yes, this is an annual requirement. The information provided to NCSI will be active for two years, and an automatic re-check will be conducted. All results will be sent directly to U.S. Figure Skating.

When will I be notified of background screen results?
Normal processing time for a first-time screen is 2-3 weeks. NCSI will provide the applicant information on checking the status of his or her screen online.

What if I am given a "Green Light"?
The "Green Light" indicates an individual has passed the background screen with regard to suitability for participation as a coach in all sanctioned U.S. Figure Skating activities. Coaches will need to verify the purchase of coaches liability insurance for the registration process to be complete.

What if I am given a "Red Light"?
The "Red Light" indicates an individual does not meet the criteria as suitable for participation as a coach in all sanctioned activities. If a question arises concerning a background search, the applicant will be contacted by NCSI and provided an opportunity to correct potential errors in the applicant's record or to provide additional information. Should an applicant contest a U.S. Figure Skating decision to deny membership or participation in U.S. Figure Skating activities based on a "Red Light" finding resulting from the background search, the applicant has the right to appeal the decision to U.S. Figure Skating pursuant to a process established by U.S. Figure Skating.

Can I use the results from a different background screening agency?
Many organizations are conducting their own background screens of their employees and volunteers. However, U.S. Figure Skating will only accept the results from the NCSI for the coaches registration; no other agency results will be accepted.

What type of insurance coverage do I need?
Insurance limits are $1 million per occurrence, $5 million aggregate.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
Regarding the coaches registration process, contact U.S. Figure Skating Membership Department at 719.635.5200.
Regarding the background screening process, contact the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) at 866.833.7100 ext. 109.

U.S. Figure Skating appreciates the cooperation and understanding of all members to help implement this program to ensure that the environment in all U.S. Figure Skating programs is as safe as possible for all participants.