Jurisdiction: the appointment, promotion, demotion, removal, education, conduct, qualification and performance of judges for all tests and competitions.

Kathleen Harmon, kathleen.harmon@hotmail.com

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Download the list of nonqualifying competitions approved for trial judging (PDF).

Sectional Vice Chairs
Eastern Dance - Holly Cole
Eastern Singles & Pairs - Terri Maurice
Eastern Synchronized - Laura Days
Midwestern Dance - Carol Wooley
Midwestern Singles & Pairs - Nancy Iida
Midwestern Synchronized - Susan McInnes
Pacific Coast Dance - Molly Marron
Pacific Coast Singles & Pairs - Laurie Johnson
Pacific Coast Synchronized - Caren Kirsch
Regional Vice Chairs
Eastern Section
New England Dance - Victoria Hildebrand
New England Singles & Pairs - Leslie Gianelli
North Atlantic Dance - Wendy Mlinar
North Atlantic Singles & Pairs - Dana Hordyszynski
South Atlantic Dance - Barbara Buch
South Atlantic Singles & Pairs - Heather Nemier
Midwestern Section
Eastern Great Lakes Dance - Richard Dalley
Eastern Great Lakes Singles & Pairs - Whitney Luke
Southwestern Dance - Hazel Wecal
Southwestern Singles & Pairs - Brianne Hoppes
Upper Great Lakes Dance - Gregory Rouw
Upper Great Lakes Singles & Pairs - Jennifer Marker Johnson
Pacific Coast Section
Central Pacific Dance - Laurie Lind
Central Pacific Singles & Pairs - Katherine Specht
Northwest Pacific Dance - Carol Nugent
Northwest Pacific Singles & Pairs - Jennifer Hartley
Southwest Pacific Dance - Mary Lou Rothman
Southwest Pacific Singles & Pairs - Christine Pozanac
Peggy Graham - Domestic
Kimberly Heim - Development
Colette Nygren - Synchronized Skating
Carolyn Pierce - Theatrical Skating
Karen Terry Perreault - JETS
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