Each year the Nominating Committee is charged with selecting qualified individuals to replace members of the Board of Directors whose terms are expiring. In addition, the Nominating Committee recommends to the president the appointment of all committee chairs.

The Nominating Committee seeks the names of interested candidates from several sources. One of these sources is our clubs. Each club will receive a Nominating Committee e-worksheet, showing current office holders and their terms. Clubs will be asked to fill out this e-worksheet and provide their input through the Members Only site. E-worksheets also will be sent to club councils, board members, and committee chairs for their input. The e-nomination procedures are on the Members Only site.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Nominating Committee and its procedures, please direct them to its chair, Kathy Slack (

2013-14 Nominating Committee

Robert Bauer (Upper Great Lakes)
William Cloran (Northwest Pacific)
Dawn Eyerly (Southwest Pacific)
Sarah Hughes (North Atlantic)
Nancy Iida (Southwestern)
Susan Keogh (New England)
Veronica Nebb (Central Pacific)
Kathy Slack (Eastern Great Lakes)
Robert Wagner (South Atlantic)
Derrick Delmore (Eastern)*
Angela Nikodinov (Pacific)*
Lindsey Weber (Midwestern)*

*Indicates athlete member

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