State Games

The State Games Committee shall:

  • Encourage and promote the participation of figure skating in the individual State Games programs and in those State Games supported and recognized by the United States Olympic Committee
  • Assist in the selection of judges for the State Games with the chairs of the various State Games committees making recommendations to the appropriate regional vice chairs of the Competitions Committee
  • Encourage and promote recognition of U.S. Figure Skating as the sanctioning body for figure skating in the United States with State Games organizers, the National Congress of State Games and other bodies
  • Provide direction and support regarding specific criteria relating to figure skating to State Games organizers to assist in their recognition of sanctioning and other related rules, including eligibility requirements
  • Monitor and supervise those activities detailed in SGCR 2.014 through individual state liaisons appointed from the Committee by the chair
  • Develop and implement plans and procedures to refine participation requirements for State Games to encourage further involvement of figure skating
  • Work in conjunction with the United States Olympic Committee staff liaison for State Games in support of the USOC policies

General Info:

State Games are Olympic-style games conducted in various states. The competitions shall be open to any eligible skater whether or not they are affiliated with an organization. The only requirement is that the skater be a resident of the respective state they are competing in. Those skaters that win first through third in their state competition are eligible to participate in the State Games of America event which is held every other year. Each state has an appointed state chair that oversees the event in their state. Inquiries can be made to the state chair or to the respective sectional vice chairs or to the chair of the committee.

Mary-Elizabeth Wightman

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