Board Report of Action for Dec. 9, 2009

taken by the
by Conference Call
December 9, 2009

The Board of Directors took the following actions:

1. APPROVED to move the January budget meeting to Saturday February 6, 2010. (14 yes, 1 No)

2. APPROVED to amend the November 7-8, 2009 Report of Action item #5 by removing the name of Harry McBeth (National Accountant) thereby restoring his national appointment. (15 yes, 0 no)

3. APPROVED To amend ICR 6.01 and ICR 6.04 language as shown below. (This is an item that was postponed at the November Board meeting) (15 yes, 0 no)

    ICR 6.01 - Amend by adding the sentence "The team envelope is a method of funding athletes; not selecting athletes to international competition."

    ICR 6.04 - Amend by adding the sentence: "Athletes who are nominated to a team envelope are not guaranteed selection to international competition. Furthermore, athletes do not have to be nominated to a team envelope to be selected for international competition."

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