Board Report of Action for Feb. 11, 2007

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Feb. 11, 2007

Tamie Campbell, Charles Cyr, Jeffrey DiGregorio, Tammy Gambill, Steve Hartsell, Danielle Hartsell-Minnis, Ron Hershberger (President), Robert Horen, Ryan Jahnke, Lawrence Mondschein, Tony Morici, Ann O'Keefe, David Raith (Executive Director), Shawn Rettstatt, Kathy Slack, Gale Tanger

1. APPROVED the minutes from the January 8, 2008 meeting. (15 yes)

2. APPROVED to accept the bid from BiggsKofford for auditing services for the 2007-08 FY, as previously reviewed and approved by the Audit Committee. (15 yes)

3. APPROVED to authorize the treasurer to institute a processing fee in addition to the entry fees for qualifying competitions. The treasurer will report the amount to the board at the next meeting. (15 yes)

4. APPROVED to request the Tests Committee to consider raising test registration fees to cover U.S. Figure Skating processing costs, per TR 9.01. (15 yes)

5. APPROVED to amend FCR 3.01 be deleting the requirement to allocate 10% of U.S. Figure Skating television revenue to the USFS Foundation (15 yes)
  • Current FCR 3.01 was based on the current television contract, which is now expiring. If U.S. Figure Skating is in a deficit position and requires money from the foundation, there may be tax consequences.
6. APPROVED that Tony Morici, Ron Hershberger and David Raith negotiate a one-year extension of current management and lease agreement with the museum. U.S. Figure Skating will fund the museum in the amount of $125,000 for one year. (13 yes, 2 absent) 7. APPROVED the proposed athlete Performance Enhancement and Tracking (PET) program, including the hiring of a Director of PET as an independent contractor, who would report directly to the senior director of athlete high performance. (14 yes, 1 abstain)

8. APPROVED to grant a sanction to Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, to host the U.S. Collegiate Figure Skating Championships on the dates of August 4-7, 2007. This competition will be funded by a private grant with no additional funding from U.S. Figure skating. (15 yes)

9. APPROVED that the president form a Competition Task Force, with one member of the Finance Committee to be included. This task force will report back to the board no later than May 1, 2007. (15 yes)

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