Kimmie Meissner Supports Cool Kids Campaign

Photo by Mitch Stringer

(7/7/06) - World champion Kimmie Meissner has joined forces with the Cool Kids Campaign to help provide a higher quality of life for kids who are struggling with cancer. Meissner will be supporting various Cool Kids programs, and she plans to work directly with kids at local hospitals by visiting them, skating with them and helping to inspire them to beat the odds they are facing. Meissner's decision to join the Cool Kids Campaign comes from her own experience of having two friends live with and try to beat cancer.

The first program Meissner is working on is a TRIUMPH bracelet campaign. She personally designed the bracelets, and they are being sold for $2 each.

“I know from my interactions with kids that they love to wear these bracelets,” Meissner wrote in a letter promoting the campaign. "And it's a really inexpensive way for people to help out.”

Other Cool Kids programs already in place are the “End of Chemo” Celebration cakes, Subway lunches provided to the patients and their family every Friday, tickets to local attractions, as well as several programs Meissner is working on that she can do with the kids. The next goal is to start care packages when the children are admitted for their treatments and financial aid for the families that are hit hard by the sudden diagnosis of their child's illness.

For more information about the Cool Kids campaign, or to order bracelets, visit the Cool Kids web site.

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