Two U.S. Ice Dancing Teams Announce End of Partnerships

Lydia Manon and Ryan O'Meara
Photo by Michelle Harvath

(3/1/05) — Two U.S. Figure Skating ice dancing teams announced today the end of their partnerships: 2005 U.S. bronze medalists Lydia Manon & Ryan O'Meara, and 2005 U.S. sixth-place finishers Kendra Goodwin & Brent Bommentre.

Manon and O'Meara both plan to continue skating and find future partners.

“After much consideration I decided that Ryan and I should go our separate ways, primarily because we have different long-term goals,” Manon said. “It was definitely a difficult decision. Ryan is a very talented skater, and I know he'll do great things in the future. I want to thank everyone who supported Ryan and me over the past two years. I wish Ryan all the best.”

Added O'Meara: “Lydia and I had a great season. We won bronze at nationals and our first ISU medal at Four Continents. We worked hard and were successful. I will continue to work hard and take that success into my new partnership.”

Kendra Goodwin and Brent Bommentre
Photo by Michelle Harvath
Goodwin and Bommentre also announced both will continue to skate and search for future partners.

“Brent and I just had different views on training and skating in general,” Goodwin said. “It was a mutual agreement to end the partnership so we can both continue skating in the ways we believe in. I wish him the best of luck in finding a new partner. I'm still training and looking for a partner myself.”

Added Bommentre: “Although our two-year tenure together was short-lived, we believe it was rewarding for both of us. We decided to end our partnership primarily because we have different training philosophies and different ideas on how to move forward. I wish her the best in her future endeavors. We would like to thank U.S. Figure Skating for all the support given to us over the past two seasons.”

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