Growth and Retention Ideas

Susi Wehrli-McLaughlin
Senior Director of Membership

Every membership-based organization must acquire new members in order to grow and thrive. Offering a diverse selection of programs not only to attract new members but to retain current ones is vital to building and maintaining an organization.

This page is designed to share some of the most effective tools used to grow and build membership. Some of these are new ideas and some are tried-and-true strategies to enhance current offerings.

Each link is a one-page summary (in PDF format) of the titled program, with all the necessary information--including helpful resources--for you to get started. The list is divided into two main sections: growth and retention.

Growth Ideas - Attracting new members

Retention Ideas - Programs to enhance current offerings

Available Marketing Materials from U.S. Figure Skating

  • Basic Skills Program - the FUNdamentals of ice skating
  • About U.S. Figure Skating guidebook
  • Adult Skating programs
  • Special Olympics
  • Friends of Figure Skating
  • Memorial Fund
  • Parent Handbooks, volumes 1-3

  • How to Form a Figure Skating Club
  • Basic Skills Instructors Manual
  • Basic Skills Lesson Planning Manual
  • Basic Skills Competition Manual
  • Nonqualifying Competition Manual
  • Club Finance Manual
  • Club Fundraising Booklet
  • Test Chair Handbook
  • Synchronized Skating Team Manager's Manual
  • Formation of a Nonprofit Corporation
  • Trial Judge packet
  • National Skating Month and Media Manual

  • U.S. Figure Skating Rulebook and Directory
  • SKATING magazine
  • Basic Skills SKATING edition
  • U.S. Figure Skating Media Guide
  • U.S. Figure Skating Synchronized Skating Media Guide
  • U.S. Figure Skating Fact Sheet

Banners and posters
  • U.S. Figure Skating customized logo banner and dasher board
  • U.S. Figure Skating champions poster
  • Basic Skills poster
  • Synchronized Skating poster

  • Welcome to U.S. Figure Skating
  • 30-second customized commercial

For more information, please contact the Membership Department at or call 719.635.5200 and ask to speak with a Member Services representative.