National Skating Month 2010

The application for National Skating Month 2010 is available! Register now to reserve your materials. You can download the form to the right, in the Resources box.

National Skating Month

National Skating Month is an opportunity for rinks and local programs to celebrate skating, alert local media and invite members to perform and host activities that will attract new families to the wonderful world of skating. Through a series of organized on- and off-ice activities, everyone will enjoy a fun-filled day at the rink!

Most important, celebrating National Skating Month on a local level draws attention to your program and ice facility. Upon registration, posters, postcards and a media packet, with sample press releases and announcements on CD, will be distributed to participating clubs and programs. Other promotional items included in the kits are items to raffle, bookmarks, skating stickers, logo pencils, skate-shaped Post-it notes, Snowplow Sam zipper pulls and other great stuff.

Take a few minutes to read about past National Skating Month events held by clubs and programs across the country.