Tests Passed/U.S. Figure Skating Gold Medalists

The test structure is the backbone of U.S. Figure Skating. Passing skill tests presided over by official judges advances the skater to the next level. Skaters test in moves in the field, free skating, pairs and ice dancing. As a skater advances, the tests become more difficult. The highest achievement in each discipline is passing the senior, also called "gold," test. When a skater passes a gold test, he or she earns the designation "U.S. Figure Skating gold medalist."

Becoming a U.S. Figure Skating gold medalist is the culmination of many years of hard work and dedication to the sport. In a typical year, approximately 40,000 U.S. Figure Skating test levels are completed by athletes; of those, about 1,300, or 3 percent, are at the gold or senior level.

When an athlete passes the senior test, he or she receives a congratulatory letter from the president of U.S. Figure Skating, a gold certificate and a gold lapel pin to commemorate the accomplishment, and is eligible to purchase the gold test medal and the U.S. Figure Skating Gold Medalist jacket. It is also an accomplishment that goes on the skater's permanent U.S. Figure Skating record, and can be used on a resume or college application.

Learn more about the U.S. Figure Skating test structure.

Every month we'll highlight in this space those who have passed senior or gold tests. Gold tests from the previous month are available in PDF format as are all tests passed below the senior or gold level.

Senior and Gold Test Kudos!

Congratulations to the following skaters who have passed their senior and gold tests (based on test reports received in November, 2013).

Senior Moves In The Field
Shanni Alon - Laurel Ridge SC
Maggie Andreasen - Skokie Valley SC
Ashley R. Ardizoni - The Skating Club Of Boston
Emily Bodo - Ice House Skating Academy
Chanel M Brace - Penguin FSC, Inc.
Katherine D Burns - Laurel Ridge SC
Margaret T Burns - Laurel Ridge SC
Mary Eva P Carnal - Metro Edge FSC of Missouri
Isabella G. Cavagna - Pittsburgh FSC, Inc.
Joyce Wing Kay Chan - Sun Valley FSC, Inc.
Sarah Elizabeth Colon - Stars FSC of Texas
Ashelen L Course - Tahoe FSC
Morgan DeSigio - Individual Member
Amy O Downing - Metro Edge FSC of Missouri
Lucy K. Downing - Metro Edge FSC of Missouri
Olivia Ferrante - Washington FSC
Julianna D Flade - Tidewater FSC
Olivia Haller - Braemar-City of Lakes FSC
Sandra J. Harper - The SC of Lake Placid
Tabitha P. Hernandez - Escondido FSC
Megan E Hovey - Amherst SC, Inc.
Rebecca Emily Jacobs - The Skating Club Of Boston
Alexandra M Jones - ISC of Exeter
Sophia Kirilloff - SC of Mt Lebanon
Alyssa Kormos - Ice House Skating Academy
James A Koszuta - SC of Western New York
Jordyn Levinsky-Carter - Centennial SC
Jennifer Xiang Liao - Tidewater FSC
Ashley Lombardi - The SC of New York, Inc.
Audrey Louie - St. Moritz ISC, Inc.
Laurel Mallardi - Cantiague FSC, Inc.
Leila Mannel - Rye FSC, Inc.
Jordan N McPike - Heartland FSC
Caleb Niva - Everett FSC
Ami Okamoto - All Year FSC
Stefanie Page - Central Virginia SC
Sara E Pezzella - Chicago FSC
Kristen Phillips - Colonial FSC
Suzanne Quigg - Shattuck - St. Mary's
Emily Grace Ridge - Louisville Skating Academy, Inc.
Anna Sluis-Cremer - Pittsburgh FSC, Inc.
Madison K Staggert - Northern Blades NSC FSC
Elizabeth Stewart - North Atlantic FSC
Julia B Strong - SC of Nevada
Ema Takahashi - DuPage FSC
Liam D Thomas - Central Florida FSC
Robin N Vo - Peninsula SC
Ahnalee L Von Kappel - Everett FSC
Melody Wang - Atlanta FSC
Wren Warne-Jacobsen - St. Paul FSC, Inc

Adult Gold Moves In The Field
James Erich Bookwalter - The Gardens FSC of Mary
Amber C. Campbell - FSC Of Memphis
Anna Chesson - FSC of Charleston
Monica Grover - SC of Nevada
Min Huss - The SC of New York, Inc.
Karin Kunzle-Watson DSP - Inland Northwest FSC
Anne Marie Martin - Boise FSC
James Mitchell - Texas Gulf Coast FSC

Masters Adult Gold Moves In The Field
Yvonne G. Dowdy - South Dayton FSC

Senior Free Skating
Lila Asher - Louisville Skating Academy, Inc.
Jizelle Chloe A. Bacani - DuPage FSC
Allanah F. Barbour - University of Delaware FSC
Emily G. Beckman - SC of Western New York
Hana Chabinsky - Central Carolina SC
Cynthia Chen - Denver FSC
Nicole M. Cuillo - The SC of Florida, Inc.
Kylie E. Duarte - Colonial FSC
Arissa Falat - Columbia FSC (MD)
Ryan A. Hartley - Queen City FSC
Riley Herr - Silver Blades FSC Inc. of Greater KC
Rebecca Emily Jacobs - The Skating Club Of Boston
McKenzie Lang - Triangle FSC
Michelle Lee - Shattuck - St. Mary's
Jessica Lin - The Skating Club Of Boston
Tiffanie Lovett - All Year FSC
Lillian R. Marks - Central Carolina SC
Lauren McCabe - Shattuck - St. Mary's
Genevieve Silverman - Colonial FSC
Shannon Terhaar - Northern Blades NSC FSC
Emma Zachary - SC of Brewster, Inc.

Adult Gold Free Skating
Erin L Burrow - Boise FSC
Julia Caito - All Year FSC

Gold Dance Test
Megan D. Anderson - Louisville Skating Academy, Inc.
Lila Asher - Louisville Skating Academy, Inc.
Isabel K Aste - Orange County FSC
Christopher S. Darling - Rocky Mountain FSC
Mackenzie Paige Elkow - SC of Novi
Stephanie M. Fukui - Miami University
Angelica-Marie D. Gilbert - Individual Member
Karlie Goldade - Bismarck FSC, Inc.
Kendall J. Grace - Saratoga Springs FSC
Cailyn Johnson - Rochester FSC
Izette Marie Kelly - Champlain Valley SC
Alexis C. Kinney - Miami University
Lisa Reimann - Roseville FSC
Katie Rice - Miami University
Sarah Rowe - Copper Country Skating Academy
Rachel C. Winer - University of Delaware FSC

Senior Solo Free Dance
Lexie Anderson - Bismarck FSC, Inc.