Michael Weiss

Born: August 2, 1976 – Washington, D.C.,
Height: 5'9"
Hometown: McLean, Virginia
Training Town: Laurel, Maryland
Coach: Don Laws
Choreographer: Lisa Thornton-Weiss, Peter Tchernyshev, Dan Hollander

U.S. Team

Event News
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Michael Weiss Finds a New Path After Competitive Career
Twists and Turns During Four Continents Men's Final
Personal Bests Fall in Four Continents Men's Short Program
Kwan, Weir Win the Fans' Vote at Marshalls Challenge
Campbell's Classic Kicks Off the Season in St. Paul
Michael Weiss Added to Campbell's Classic Lineup
Weiss Raising Money for Aspiring Champions
Weir Shows Perfection To Capture Second U.S. Title
Other News
Michael Weiss Foundation Honors Don Laws
Love of Skating Still Drives Weiss
Michael Weiss Foundation Presents Second Diamond Performance Award
Michael Weiss Makes a Difference On and Off the Ice

Competitive History
2006   Four Continents Championships - 9th 1998   Trophée Lalique - 2nd
2006   State Farm U.S. Championships - 4th 1998   Challenge of Champions - 3rd
2005   Trophee Eric Bompard - 6th 1998   Skate America - 2nd
2005   Campbell's Classic - 2nd 1998   Keri Lotion Figure Skating Classic - 2nd
2005   State Farm U.S. Championships - 5th 1998   Goodwill Games - 4th
2004   NHK Trophy - 4th 1998   World Championships - 6th
2004   Smart Ones Skate America - 3rd 1998   Olympic Winter Games - 7th
2004   Marshalls World Skating Challenge - 4th 1998   State Farm U.S. Championships - 2nd
2004   World Figure Skating Championships - 6th 1997   Cup of Russia - 4th
2004   State Farm U.S. Championships - 2nd 1997   Nations Cup - 5th
2003   ISU Grand Prix Final - 3rd 1997   Hershey's Kisses Challenge (team) - 2nd
2003   International Figure Skating Challenge - 3rd 1997   World Championships - 7th
2003   Cup of Russia - 4th 1997   State Farm U.S. Championships - 2nd
2003   Trophée Lalique - 3rd 1996   Cup of Russia - 3rd
2003   Smart Ones Skate America - 1st 1996   Trophée Lalique - 3rd
2003   Campbell's Classic - 3rd 1996   Skate Canada - 6th
2003   ABC Sports International Figure Skating Challenge - 3rd 1996   Nebelhorn Trophy - 1st
2003   World Championships - 5th 1996   Hershey's Kisses Challenge (team) - 3rd
2003   State Farm U.S. Championships - 1st 1996   State Farm U.S. Championships - 5th
2002   Crest Whitestrips Challenge - 2nd 1995   Skate America - 2nd
2002   Trophée Lalique - 1st 1995   World University Games - 1st
2002   Bofrost Cup on Ice - 4th 1995   State Farm U.S. Championships - 6th
2002   Smart Ones Skate America - 5th 1995   Eastern Sectional - 3rd
2002   Campbell's Classic - 3rd 1994   Nations Cup - 10th
2002   Hershey's Kisses Challenge (team) - 1st 1994   Goodwill Games - 6th
2002   World Championships - 6th 1994   State Farm U.S. Championships - 8th
2002   Olympic Winter Games - 7th 1994   World Junior Championships - 1st
2002   State Farm U.S. Championships - 3rd 1993   Nebelhorn Trophy - 2nd
2001   Hershey's Kisses Challenge (team) - 1st 1993   Grand Prix St. Gervais - 2nd
2001   Eastern Sectional - 1st 1993   State Farm U.S. Championships, Junior - 1st
2001   Nations Cup - 8th 1993   U.S. Olympic Festival - 6th
2001   Smart Ones Skate America - 4th 1993   World Junior Championships - 2nd
2001   Goodwill Games - 2nd 1993   South Atlantic Regional, Junior - 1st
2001   ISU Top Jump - 4th 1992   State Farm U.S. Championships, Junior - 5th
2001   Four Continents Championships - 3rd 1992   Eastern Sectional, Junior - 1st
2001   State Farm U.S. Championships - 4th 1992   South Atlantic Regional, Junior - 1st
2000   Cup of Russia - 6th 1991   State Farm U.S. Championships, Novice - 3rd
2000   International Figure Skating Challenge (team) - 2nd 1991   State Farm U.S. Championships (fig) - 2nd
2000   World Championships - 3rd 1991   Eastern Sectional (fig) - 1st
2000   State Farm U.S. Championships - 1st 1991   Eastern Sectional, Novice - 1st
1999   Trophée Lalique - 5th 1991   South Atlantic Regional, Novice - 1st
1999   Skate America - 4th 1990   State Farm U.S. Championships, Novice - 5th
1999   Keri Lotion Classic (Team USA) - 2nd 1990   State Farm U.S. Championships (fig) - 1st
1999   Hershey's Kisses (Team USA) - 2nd 1990   Eastern Sectional, Novice - 1st
1999   World Championships - 3rd 1990   South Atlantic Regional, Novice - 1st
1999   ISU Grand Prix Final - 4th 1989   State Farm U.S. Championships, Novice - 2nd
1999   State Farm U.S. Championships - 1st 1989   Eastern Sectional, Novice - 1st
1998   Sears Canadian Open - 2nd 1988   State Farm U.S. Championships, Novice - 6th

2005-06 Season Notes
Short Program Music: “La Donna e Mobile” by Verdi; Free Skate Music: “5th Symphony, Moonlight Sonata, and 9th Symphony” by Beethoven

2004-05 Season Notes
SP Music: "Henry V" ... FS Music: "Stairway to Heaven" and "Bonzo's Montreaux" by Led Zeppelin and "Unforgiven" by Metallica.

Weiss was the third alternate for the Grand Prix Final.

2003-04 Season Notes
Short Program Music: Henry V (soundtrack) ... Free Skate Music: Patriotic medley ... Weiss used a patriotic-themed free skate to take third place in the Campbell's Classic Oct. 3 in New York City ... He won his first-ever Smart Ones Skate America title, and second Grand Prix title, in Reading, Pa. ... He followed his Skate America title with a bronze at Trophée Lalique and also won bronze at the ISU Grand Prix Final.

2002-03 Season Notes
Weiss finished fifth at the World Championships in front of his hometown fans in Washington, D.C. ... He won his qualifying group at the event ... Weiss rebounded from a fourth-place finish in the short program to win his third U.S. title at the 2003 State Farm U.S. Championships. In a final tune-up prior to the 2003 U.S. Championships, Weiss placed second at the Crest Whitestrips International Figure Skating Challenge in Auburn Hills, Mich., Dec. 13 ... Weiss claimed the first Grand Prix title of his career with a dramatic gold medal finish at Tropheé Lalique in Paris on Nov. 16 ... Weiss rebounded from a fifth-place finish in the short program to take top spot in the event ... Weiss opened the 2002-03 Grand Prix Series with a fifth-place finish at Smart Ones Skate America in Spokane, Wash. ... At Skate America, Weiss debuted the "Freedom Blade," the first major international competition that any skater has used the new skating blade ... On Oct. 29, Weiss announced that he and longtime coach Audrey Weisiger would no longer be working together and that he would begin working with Don Laws immediately as his full-time coach.

2001-02 Season Notes
Weiss had an injury-plagued 2000-01 season, and looked to regain the consistent form that saw him claim two U.S. titles and two World bronze medals from 1999-00 ... With a silver medal to start the season at the Goodwill Games, Weiss appeared ready to challenge for the podium again in the U.S. and qualify for his second straight U.S. Olympic Team ... After winning the bronze at the 2002 U.S. Championships, Weiss placed seventh in the 2002 Olympics and made his fifth appearance at the World Championships and first since the 2000 event in Nice, France.

Weiss started skating at age 9 because his sister also skated ... During the 1999-2000 season, Weiss rebounded from a stress fracture in his left ankle to capture his second straight U.S. title and World bronze medal ... Won the silver medal in men's figures at the 1991 U.S. Championships in Minneapolis, Minn ... Named "1999 Father of the Year" by the National Fatherhood Initiative in Washington, D.C ... In 2004, he was named a "Golden Dad" by Golden Slumbers, LLC, a partnership that includes the National Fatherhood Initiative ... Currently a motivational speaker, “I speak to companies, employees, students, athletes, and many others and tell them my experiences with the Olympic process. I tell how these lessons learned through athletics can be applied to many different areas in life, to be happy and successful.” ... In 2004 started the Michael Weiss Foundation to raise money to support Olympic hopefuls of the future ... Hobbies include parenting, carpentry and fantasy football ... He also enjoys hockey, golf and tennis ... Hails from an athletic family as his sister Geremi was a junior national silver medalist in figure skating, his sister Genna was a Junior World diving champion, his father was on the 1964 Olympic Gymnastics Team and his mother was a national gymnastics champion ... He is a 1997 graduate of Prince George's College with an associate's degree in business marketing and was a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society ... Athlete he most admires is Michael Jordan because of his athletic ability and his confidence ... Married his choreographer, the former Lisa Thornton ... He and his wife celebrated the birth of their first child, daughter Annie-Mae in September 1998, and son Christopher Michael in October 1999.

2004 Golden Dad Award 2000 SKATING magazine Readers' Choice Award ... 2000 USFSA/USOC Male Figure Skater of the Year ... 1999 Father of the Year by the National Fatherhood Initiative