Thank you for choosing to give your charitable support to U.S. Figure Skating! No matter where you designate your gift, you will feel the satisfaction that comes from making a choice that supports your philanthropic interests. Every gift to U.S. Figure Skating has a direct impact on the success of skaters and figure skating programs throughout the country.

Gifts can be directed to a number of different areas, like:

A young Friends of Figure Skating (FOFS) member meets U.S. Champions Madison Chock and Evan Bates at the annual FOFS Breakfast.
  • A gift to "Area of Greatest Need" gives U.S. Figure Skating leadership the ability to respond to unforeseen opportunities and the flexibility to provide financial assistance to skaters and programs at a moment's notice. An unrestricted gift is the most valuable gift you can give U.S. Figure Skating since it does not have limitations associated with its use.
  • Over the past 50 years, the Memorial Fund has provided more than $10 million in financial support to thousands of skaters. This fund not only provides athletes financial assistance to cover training-related expenses but also has an educational component, as it provides tuition assistance for those attending institutions of higher education. To learn more about the history of the Memorial Fund, click here.
  • Specific disciplines, programs or funds: singles, pairs, Basic Skills, Collegiate Skating, the Ron & Gayle Hershberger Fund...Your gift to a designated area will be used to support that discipline, fund or program exclusively. If you don't see your area of choice, you have the option of writing it in, and U.S. Figure Skating will put your gift into an existing fund that matches your intent.
  • The history of the sport of figure skating is one to celebrate and share with future generations of skaters and fans around the globe. When you give to "Preservation and Restoration," your gift will be used to help our Museum preserve the rich history of the sport and allow it to be shared for years to come.

    Your gift to U.S. Figure Skating will help fulfill the dreams of skaters across the country. Feel confident in knowing that when you make your gift through our online form, your personal and payment information is secure. If you have questions, or would like more information about planned giving or how to establish a new fund, don't hesitate to contact Emmaline Repp, coordinator, giving programs, at 719.228.3424. Thank you for your support!

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